Team NuVision’s Spotlight of the Month:

Fall 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Clarke

It’s a Saturday morning and TNV has the opportunity to speak with two of our newest 50K Ring EarnersMr. & Mrs. Jerome Clarke


Good afternoon Mr. & Mrs. Clarke.  Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to speak with TNV.  Tell us where you’re both from and where you live now?


We were both born and raised in New York. I’m from Brooklyn and Erika is from Long Island. After the events of 9/11 we thought it would be best to leave New York, so we moved to Richmond, VA.  We have been here for the last 15 years. We thought Richmond would be a great place to raise our children.  We really enjoy living here!


Can you tell the TNV family, what drew you to LegalShield, and what were you doing before coming on board?


Mr. Clarke:  My background is that of a CPA for nearly 30 years. I worked with a big 4 accounting firm (Deloitte & Touche). I became a Senior Manager at the company and then we made our way to Richmond. Eventually, I took a job as a CFO at a smaller company.

Mrs. Clarke: My background is in education and my current position is an ESL and Resource Educator to gifted resource students. My job is awesome, because I get to work with amazing kids.

We were introduced to LegalShield by our nephew! He actually approached us before going on a family vacation. He told us about the opportunity and we wanted to support him, so we went to our first PBR, and there we met Mr. Kenny Spurlock who was presenting.

As business owners, we immediately asked for services for small business! Automatically, the wheels started turning in our heads.  This is what drew us in. We listened to the information and the services just made sense.  We both thought that perhaps we could benefit from this and help other people along the way.


What keeps you motivated and dedicated to LegalShield?



Mrs. Clarke – I like the service because it really helps others. There’s so much injustice out there! I love sharing this information because it’s helpful and affordable. Plus, I am able to have protection and work alongside my husband of  30 years.

Mr. Clarke – The return on investment was a great business decision and the additional income has been a blessing. The time and effort I spend on the accounting practice and the rate of return is much more. Earning the 50K ring was more than I ever expected!  To be able to have the extra income to do the things that we really enjoy is great.


Mrs. Clarke – My children, nieces and nephews keep me dedicated to the business, knowing that they are covered.

Mr. Clarke – There are so many people who truly need our services. I love being able to share the resources and advice that helps others. This opportunity is a definite need. We have personal family testimonials, so this is truly valuable.


What’s your life like outside of LegalShield?


Mrs. Clarke – My life is wonderful now. I’m in the GNG Club…the kids are “Grown and Gone”!  We enjoy our grandkids. I love my job, my students, my two Yorkies, spending time at the Gym and playing the clarinet. I also enjoy cooking! My favorite meal to cook is coconut rice & peas. I just enjoy this freedom lifestyle (laughs). The financial freedom just allows me to do whatever I want!

Mr. Clarke – I’m a busy body! Erika and I enjoy leisure activities and we love to entertain our family and friends. We are very active in our church and we give back to the community as often as we can. Let’s just say, life is grand and we couldn’t have it any other way.


As 50K Ring Earners, what’s the best advice you’ve been given? Can you share one good tip you have learned that could help someone else?

Answer Advice:

Mr. Clarke – Stick and stay!! The average person will not have immediate success, but if they continue to plug in, they will eventually see the results. If we can do it, anyone can. Business will have it ebbs and flows, but just keep plugging along. Stay focused and dedicated.

Answer Tip:

Mrs. Clarke- Attending all events can be transforming. The testimonies in itself, is enough to get you going. Our very first training was the TNV event in Puerto Rico.  We didn’t know what to expect. It was life changing! Especially seeing the married couples and observing the people and the surroundings we were in. This is when we realized how this opportunity helped others and we decided this is it!


Tell us something that the TNV Family doesn’t know about you?


Mr. Clarke – Back in the day, I was a bike messenger in NYC. I’m a marathon runner (Marine One in DC) and I’ve run as far as 26.2 miles. I play the Alto Sax, I have been a Deacon at Church, and I enjoy playing Golf.

Mrs. Clarke – I can play the clarinet and I sing. I worked with Columbia Artist Management and had the opportunity to work at Carnegie Hall. I’m a self- appointed seamstress. I’ve run a ½ marathon with Jerome and I too enjoy playing Golf.


Mr. & Mrs. Clarke, it has been an absolute pleasure to speak with you both. The LegalShield and TNV family are so proud of all you have accomplished during your time with the company and the team.


Thank you Mr. James! It’s been our pleasure and we have certainly enjoyed the conversation with you.

The Clarke’s are proud the parents of two children (Jerome, III, 27) who’s married with a 4 year old son and their daughter (Jessica, 24) who has a 5 year old son.