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Associate Testimonies

Steve Baker – This former house painter finds that his dedicated hard work in LegalShield pays dividends he could never have imagined.

Nicholas Wolfs – Life-long entrepreneur and father, Nicholas has found his most compelling opportunity with LegalShield.

Nathan Bourne – This former All-American wrestler just wanted to earn some extra cash between semesters; now he’s fulfilling his unlimited potential.

Michael Cabradilla – The son of immigrants, Michael has put his priorities in faith, family, and then finance… and the results are unbelievable.

David Spangler – David recalls his childhood when he and his family slept in a shed; however, his success with LegalShield has helped him build his dream home.

Chip and Michelle Humphrey – Chip and Michelle love their jobs in education and pharmaceutical sales, but that doesn’t stop them from earning six figures on a part-time basis with LegalShield.

Brielle Hoffman – After ministry school and working at a church, Brielle used her servant’s heart to help protect families with her LegalShield business.

Lolita Harrison – After working long hours in the medical field at Children’s Hospital, Lolita has found total time freedom with early retirement by putting the effort into her LegalShield business that she put into her job.

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