James & Kennetha Kelly Spotlight of The Month

Team NuVision’s Spotlight of the Month:

Winter 2018

Mr. & Mrs. James Kelly

It’s a Wednesday evening and TNV has the opportunity to speak with two of our newest 50K Ring EarnersMr. & Mrs. James Kelly


Good afternoon Mr. & Mrs. James Kelly.  Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to speak with TNV.  Tell us where you’re both from and where you live now?


We were both born and raised in Louisville, KY, home of the original Bourbon, the Kentucky Derby, the Louisville Slugger and of course the “GOAT”, the great Muhammad Ali. Louisville is still home today and where we will stay!


Can you tell the TNV family, what drew you to LegalShield, and what were you doing before coming on board?


Mr. Kelly:

Prior to LegalShield, I was a barber and owned my own barbershop. What drew me to LegalShield, was a friend of mine called one day and let me hear a recording of Mr. Self. What stuck out about that call, was the enthusiasm of my friend and Mr. Self talking about missing out on the Starbucks explosion. I attended a briefing and brought Kennetha along because I thought it would be good for her, as I knew she would connect with people quicker than I would.

We attended our first event and the energy in the room was amazing, the person presenting was young, awesome and at that moment, we started dreaming. I came seeking how we could make a profit, but in that environment I found purpose! 

Mrs. Kelly:

I was a salon owner and hairstylist and to be honest, I was not really attracted too, or interested in the business at the moment.

Initially, I thought we were going on a date, but we went to a briefing. He did not see LegalShield for himself, he saw it more for me. It was the energy that drew me. I had a kindred spirit towards the person who was presenting. While listening to the presentation, we began dreaming right then and there. We believed and began seeing ourselves as bigger. It was at this moment, that I began to see the light, this business would be a great opportunity and it would the Kelly’s turn to shine.

To be transparent, my own business was not what it once was. I was working 60-70 hours a week in the salon, and I had huge decline in business and realized I needed LegalShield. If my income hadn’t declined in that season, I may have not even looked at LegalShield as an opportunity or income source.


What keeps you motivated and dedicated to LegalShield?



Mrs. Kelly – I am motivated more by Team NuVision, because I believe in it “fa Real”. Knowing that you have individuals who know about your dreams and aspirations and wholeheartedly want to see you succeed compels you to strive for greatness. TNV leaders don’t just offer you the road map, they will also come along for the ride or come back to help when you’ve veered off that road. It’s not LegalShield so much, it’s really the TNV LOVE!

Mr. Kelly – The TNV family is a driving force in our life and when we joined the team, we felt it was bigger than just being a part of LegalShield. If you start something you should finish it. Wanting to provide for my family and give them the things in life they deserve while having the time to teach them our own values is what motivates me.


Mrs. Kelly – Living up to the potential I have in this season. Knowing that accomplishment or success is not just defined by what happens for us, but it’s for other people that are attached to our Legacy. We have to hurry up and get out of the way and provide them with the example of success that we know also exists for their lives.

Mr. Kelly – I refuse to be a playground legend! We all know people who had the greatness in them to play at higher levels, but they were unwilling to put in the work on themselves and/or their craft to make it happen. Fear of being a man who speaks of what he had the potential to do versus testifying about what he has done, that is what keeps me dedicated!


What’s your life like outside of LegalShield?


Mrs. Kelly – For so long, there was no life outside of LegalShield. LEGALSHIELD IS LIFE! It wasn’t until we got a break in responsibility from the local market that I had some breathing room. I take care of my family…. my sister, my mother, my father and working through their independent challenges.

I enjoy being in ministry, guiding youth in a program called Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a new acquired taste for construction. Knowing that I have the LegalShield funds and financial backing, it helps to do some of the things that I’m interested in. I also have a very active life outside of Legalshield. I work with a non-profit which also keeps me busy.

Mr. Kelly – I’m involved in ministry at my church and having teenagers in sports and extracurricular activities keeps me extremely busy. Growing up, I wish my parents had attended my activities, so Kennetha and I make sure we make the time with our children and others. I also enjoy working out, playing basketball and traveling with family!


As 50K Ring Earners, what’s the best advice you’ve been given? Can you share one good tip you have learned that could help someone else?

Answer Advice:

Mr. Kelly – The best advice I’ve been given is when we were at an ED event and I asked a question and Mr. Self, complimented me on being a great “Asker.” It helped me become comfortable with being uncomfortable enough about the things I didn’t know to seek out a mentor and get the clarity needed to move forward.

Answer Tip: Always stay a student and if you keep yourself open, then you never plateau. “In order for things to get better, you must be willing to get better.”

Answer Advice

Mrs. Kelly – Fortunately and unfortunately, this keeps going through my head….but a piece of advice that I’ve been given: “Always strive to be an imperfectionist” This allowed me to see clearly through the eyes of others that I was holding others to standards that I was not holding myself too. We must realize that there are a lot more imperfections than perfections and we have to work through it.

Answer Tip – Truly believe wholeheartedly in life that one should focus. However, sometimes you’re so spot on, that you miss it. Stay focused in the focus.


Tell us something that the TNV Family doesn’t know about you?


Mr. Kelly – I’ve recorded music professionally. One of my first loves is music! They always hear Kennetha, but I too, can hold a note. I met Kennetha when I was a junior in high school, & she was a freshman in college. She would come and sign me out of school….so what does that tell you? (laughs)

Mrs. Kelly – The TNV family has no idea, that I’m a professional rapper and rocker cause “life is too short”. I started rapping in 8th grade for the Superintendent of our school system. Lol! I just love Bon Jovi and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m “Bon Jovi by day” and “Too Short” by night (laughs)


Mr. & Mrs. Kelly, it has been an absolute pleasure to speak with you both. The LegalShield and TNV family are so proud of all you have accomplished during your time with the company and the team.


Thank you Mr. James! It’s been our pleasure and we have certainly enjoyed the conversation with you.

The Kelly’s are the proud parents of 4 children: Jordan, 22; Jalen, 19; J’ Adore, 17; Jabriel, 16 and Godson, Jacob, 5.