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Top Recruiters For November

 1st Place(5 Recruits)

 Harold Branch, AZ- 5 New Associates

 2nd Place (4 Recruits)

Antonio & Kim Rivers, SC-4 New Associates             

 Andrew Wise, NY-4 New Associates                            

 Gina T. Carlos, HI-4 New Associates                            

3rd Place (3 Recruits)

Jerry Bundy JR, GA-3 New Associates                         Anna C Odonkor, NY-3 New Associates

Patrick J Carvalho, CA- 3 New Associates                    Daquan Reinhardt,VA-3 New Associates

George Ellison, TX-3 New Associates                           Patrick & Millie Gibbs, TX-3 New Associates

Charles & Velma Terry, AL-3 New Associates            Reginald & Meredith Freeman, TN-3 New Associates

Guy Cundiff, NC- 3 New Associates                               Kenneth Spurlock, VA-3 New Associates

Darnell Edwards, PA-3 New Associates                       Justina Banks, NJ- 3 New Associates


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